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Apart from Germany (25% growth) France is with 20% one of the strongest growing markets

The forecast until 2020 is optimistic. Cross-border E-Commerce sales are expected to grow about five-fold between 2013 and 2020 in the six largest E-Commerce markets in the world. The six biggest E-Commerce markets, who make up half of the global E-Commerce trade are the UK, the US, Germany, the Nordics, the Netherlands and France. Among the six markets analyzed, the UK's online retail economy is expected to generate the largest trade surplus in the world in 2013, surpassing USD 1 billion.

The US and Germany follow, with trade surpluses of USD 180 million and USD 35 million respectively.  In the US, USD 11 billion worth of goods were sold abroad via online channels, thus forming the highest export rate via E-Commerce. The most profitable export quota with more than USD 1 billion, is still boasted by the United Kingdom.

The reason for this is simple. Very high UK E-Commerce export figures amounting to USD 7 billion, and at the same time significantly lower imports from other countries.

The largest E-Commerce import share of the six markets is held by France with USD 950 million.

The question "Who exports where?" is accompanied by an insightful Infographic.

By far the largest proportion of cross-border sales took place between the United States and Britain. While the goods supplied from the USA to the UK (USD 950 million) remained slightly below the 1 billion mark, the flow of goods amounted little under USD 1.8 billion in the opposite direction.

The second largest share of UK E-Commerce exports crossed the English Channel: goods worth USD 720 million were shipped to France. Cross-border online orders shipped to Germany amounted to USD 270 million. The two largest E-Commerce export markets for France are the United Kingdom, where they shipped goods worth USD 250 million, and Germany with USD 210 million.

As the world's third-largest E-Commerce exporter, Germany is particularly successful in the French market. USD 580 million worth of goods were delivered to the neighboring country online. The second largest buyer of German products from online stores is the Netherlands: spending at least USD 240 million in Germany via online channels. Shipping to the UK is relatively low here with $ 60 million. The German online retailer is prepared linguistically for most international customers: On average they offer their products in five different languages. Nevertheless, the number of countries supplied remains rather low when compared to the US or the UK.


Source: OC&C