Shopping The World

According to the study, the United States, Great Britain and Germany are the most interesting E-Commerce destinations for consumers who are buying goods online outside their own country.

The US is the clear winner because, with exception of Russia, they rank in the top third of the ten other countries, that are part of the study.

In five of the countries, Germany is among the top 3 countries where online shoppers would buy if they would not buy in their own country.

Place 1 of the most popular shopping countries is Germany for the French (76%) followed by Russians with 68%, meaning that three-quarters of French would buy products in Germany outside their borders.

For online shoppers from Britain, the US is the most attractive shopping market, but Germany is with 47% on second place.

Even 42% of Chinese and 40% of South Koreans would place their orders in Germany. Germany is in both of these countries, on the third place.

Britain is the worlds most highly valued country of purchase: in addition to the US, Canada, India, Australia and Japan, also French and German shoppers are willing to make their purchases on the island. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of French would buy goods in the UK and even 74% would like to do so in Germany.

France, however, is the most interesting market for British buyers (35%; 3rd place), Germans (57%; 3rd place) and Japanese (51%; 3rd place).

In summary, there is consent among the French, British and Germans. 

Around three-quarters of French would buy most likely in Germany and in Great Britain. 

British buy their goods besides the United States most likely in Germany, followed by France and the Germans want to buy their goods besides the United States especially in Great-Britain and France.


Source: PB