The Big Three: The most important E-Commerce markets in Europe besides the UK are Germany and France.





Both countries have an appealing size and thus a diverse customer base as well as high purchasing power. The known market drivers are chiefly price, quality and reliability.

Several studies have shown that consumers from both countries are mainly interested in goods from the UK.

Apart from Germany, France is one of the strongest growing E-Commerce markets in Europe, at an average of 15% every year.

The forecast for economic growth in Germany is favorable. There is a good reason to look confident at the evolution of the economy in Germany over the upcoming year.

Germany is a market which you should take into consideration when planning the next steps towards internationalisation.

The growth figures for French e-commerce reach impressive values: 14% in average. The industry associations are expecting even more in 2018 for Germany.


The most important E-Commerce markets in Europe are the UK, Germany and France.

The United Kingdom, Germany and France sum up to 365 billions of euros of EU-wide sales in 2017 in B2C e-commerce. The annual growth rate has an average of 15% over the past few years.


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